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looking for a quilt kit that is a bit more custom?

see it in action:


Rachel wanted to make the throw size felix by penelopehandmade and make it real colorful.

A stack of fabric bolts in rainbow order

so it all started from here. she wasn't a huge fan of the purples, so we took them out.

after taking it out, she realized how much she was loving those cooler vibe of the yellows, blues and greens so we got rid of the others. We played around with some different options, switching out shades and tones until it was just right.

take 1

take 2

take 3

take 4

winner winner!

We all don't get the luxury of having a local quilt shop down the road where we can see, feel (and dare I say smell) all the fabric we want. When we get that vision or idea in our head for the next pattern we want to sew up, we just have to trust our mockups or those digital product images. Believe me, I too have felt the heartache of opening a package just to find that everything is not how you had envisioned it together.

Whether you think you know exactly what colors you want and just need to make sure they look as good in real life together as they do online, or if all you know is the pattern and the fact you want to use the color yellow, we can help you!

We will pull your fabrics and send you unedited pictures in natural lighting so you can see how they interact with each other. If you are looking for our personal opinion, ideas or suggestions, we will send those too! We will work with you until you are happy with your final fabric pull. That's it!

Since this is such an interactive process that could range from a single color adjustment to a complete 180 from the direction you thought you wanted to go, this service ranges in price from $5 to $15. We value our time just as much as we value you being happy with your final fabric selection and want to make sure this service reflects that!

When submitting the form below, you will be charged $30. This will cover both the service fee and the remainder will act as a down payment towards the final retail cost of your custom kit. Once we have finalized your kit, a custom invoice for the remaining cost of your kit will be sent directly to you.

*due to the nature of this service, discounts or coupon codes do not apply towards custom kits. additionally, no refunds will be given once design communication begins. 

let's get started...

please make sure to read all the details and terms of this service before completing this form.

Thanks for submitting.We will be in contact soon!

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