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full moon fabric gives back

Why public education?

My first passion is my job as a public school educator. having been a middle school teacher for the past 7 years, i know how community support can impact a classroom first hand.

right now teachers in this country are facing arguably the second hardest period in education's history, behind that of the civil rights movement. being held as community heroes during the height of the pandemic for switching on a dime to remote learning, to then being a "barrier" to a return to in person learning, teachers have been through the ringer. i can say without a question of a doubt that if an educator persevered and is still in the classroom, it is truly because their heart is in it for the kids.


teachers still spend an average of $500 out of pocket on their classrooms each year (honestly, i think it may be higher). This is why as the owner of full moon fabric company, i will forever and always be dedicated to supporting and giving back to public school teachers all throughout the country.

How will full moon give back?

using a portion of profits from every sale, Full Moon fabric company will make a donation to help teachers acquire additional resources for their students and their classrooms.

Donorschoose is an amazing website where public school teachers could post requests for classroom resources and anyone can help fund their projects. from warmth, care, and hunger resources to flexible seating or art supplies, teachers all over the country rely on the support of their communities to help provide for their students. 

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