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Quiltmas Spectacular: The Cover Kit

Quiltmas Spectacular: The Cover Kit


Quiltmas time is here again, for the fifth year in a row! Visit Mija Handmade's website here to sign up for the festivities and get a new FREE block pattern daily December 1 - 12 and to learn more about the Quiltmas Spectacular block designers, giveaways and partners!


I may have been given a sneak peak under the tree and was able to specially curate a few kits that will stitch up into a gorgeous quilt top, just you wait and see!


This kit includes all the fabric you'd need to sew up your own Quiltmas Spectatular quilt top using all AGF PURE solids. All kits will ship by Monday, 11/27 or sooner!

  • Fabric A: Raw Gold (1/2 yd)

    Fabric B: Ethereal Pink (1/2 yd)

    Fabric C: Quartz Pink (3/4 yd)

    Fabric D: London Red (3/4 yd)

    Fabric E: Spruce (1 yd)

    Fabric F: Crystalline (3 1/4 yd)

    OR it may be substituted for the next most similar color since AGF currently has a backorder on Crystalline! If this is the case, it would be replaced with Pacific or Ocean Fog.

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